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Frozen Soundtrack [5/31]

↳ Let It Go



Game postponed due to puppies.

Some of them look so pissed and then you have a few that are like ‘PUPPIES’

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Hide and seek with Ben [X]

Here’s my number. Promise you’ll call?

I swear.

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The Doctor on “The Bells Of Saint John”

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Baby Irish Wolfhound



imageMuzmith at 6 weeks


Muzmith at 8 weeks


Muzmith at 6 months

I am pretty sure I could ride your dog into battle.

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close enough haha

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Craig Ferguson speaks for all Doctor Who fans.

except Peter calls him Doctor Who and I would pay to see them fight about this

Craig I hate to be the one to break it to you.

Writers are forgetful,

but they remember everything.
They forget appointments and anniversaries,
but remember what you wore,
how you smelled,
on your first date…
They remember every story you’ve ever told them -
like ever,
but forget what you’ve just said.
They don’t remember to water the plants
or take out the trash,
but they don’t forget how
to make you laugh.

Writers are forgetful
they’re busy
the important things.

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